Cryopreservation in Fertility Treatments

Cryopreservation in fertility treatments
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Cryopreservation is a procedure related to IVF and Assisted Reproduction and is one of the most important techniques for couples who opt to have a child via in-vitro fertilization commonly known as IVF.The entire procedure is divided into multiple parts that include retrieving the necessary tissues or cells from the body, cooling them to the exact temperature needed and then placing them in storage until such time as needed.

While healthy eggs (oocyte) from a woman can be preserved effectively, men can also have the sperms stored. fertility clinics seek permission from the couples undergoing IVF for freezing and storing the healthy embryos that resulted after a successful cycle.

Why would you want to have the reproductive cells frozen? Well, there are enough reasons for both men and women to do this. Some of the best known advantages happen to include:-

Achieving pregnancy at a later date when it may not be feasible for conceiving in the traditional manner

When any of the partner has been diagnosed with cancer and is being treated with radiation and chemotherapy. Cryopreservation help’s the concerned patient to give birth to a child after the condition has been contained to a certain degree or fully  treated. Constant exposure to drugs and radiation is likely to affect one’s fertility making the process of freezing the required cells appear advantageous.

The Process

Cryopreservation is carried out with liquid nitrogen where the sperms, eggs and tissues including embryos are cooled until they attain temperatures between-150 to- 96 degree centigrade.The laboratories  where cryopreservation takes place are highly advanced with a number of sensitive instruments handled by fertility experts.Special cryopreservation media are also utilized to prevent cell/tissue damage as well. Once frozen the gametes are thawed to room temperature and used for carrying out the IVF procedure only once the patient is ready for IVF or Surrogacy.

Types of Cryopreservation

Freezing of Eggs or Oocyte Banking– Once a female patient decides to go ahead with preservation of her eggs, she will be given shots to stimulate ovaries for oocyte/egg production. The process is similar to egg retrieval during IVF with the mature eggs being removed from the body and frozen in a well equipped laboratory.The assisted reproduction team employs vitrification for storing the oocytes. The frozen eggs are then kept stored at the fertility clinic at the Kiran infertility centre.

Frozen Sperms–  A male may decide to have his sperms frozen at any time. While it is customary to obtain semen sample to preserve the sperms,a few males may be unable to ejaculate or suffer from a condition that results in lack of sperms.There is nothing to worry when one faces such issues though. The sperm is retrieved directly from the testes surgically and frozen for future use. The thawed sperms are thawed, washed and made ready for IUI or IVF when the patient gives his consent to do so.

Embryo Frozen– The eggs are collected from the female partner in the same manner as oocyte retrieval.The sperms are taken from the male for fertilization of the eggs in the laboratory. The embryo is allowed to grow until cell divisions take place. It is then checked for genetic anomalies and frozen via liquid nitrogen to be implanted into the uterus when conditions are conducive.

Advantages of Opting for Cryopreservation:
  • Gives the option of having a healthy child alive even when one or both the partners have been diagnosed with serious health conditions.
  • Gives you an option to plan pregnancy and starting a family
  • Cryopreservation is a safe process with no adverse effects if done under expert guidance. Although freezing and thawing may sound to be complicated procedures, the entire process is handled by experts who have both expertise and experience in dealing with it.

Whether you want to consider cryopreservation or IVF, it is best to get in touch with Kiran Infertility Centre, Bengaluru that is known to be one of the best fertility clinics across India. Feel free to book an appointment with fertility experts and have your doubts cleared at the same time. Call or email NOW!For booking and consultations visit  or call us on +91-9900967627

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