Frequently Asked Questions

IVF Related Questions
What is IVF ?
What happens with extra Embryos after I achieve Pregnancy ?
Is IVF-related procedures painful? Can I view them ?
What are the risks associated with IVF Treatment ?
What Drug Reactions can be expected ?
How long does an IVF cycle take ? How many days of work will I need to take off ?
Can Fibroids interfere with IVF ?
I have Endometriosis; does this affect my fertility & also success with IVF ?
What are the risks associated with IVF Treatment ?
What Drug Reactions can be expected ?
Others – Medical
What is ICSI ?
How to Diagnose Infertility related issues and age Women should try for Natural Pregnancy ?
What are the options for woman like me of age over 40 years ?
What are the options for a Male like me with Low Sperm Count ?
What is Ovarian-Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) ?
What is the Medical Protocol for Ovarian Stimulation in an IVF Cycle ?
On what day after Oocytes Retrieval is the Embryo Transfer done ?
What is Ectopic Pregnancy ?
. What is the maximum number of Embryos to be transferred FOR Multiple Pregnancies ?
Do you perform Amniocentesis routinely ?
Can the Intended Parent terminate pregnancy, if there is any malformation in the baby ?
What is the current wait-time to actually start the procedure once the signing is done ?
Is it safe to take Herbal Products along with my Fertility Medications ?
What information is needed by KIC prior to setting up of an appointment ?
How do I get copies of my medical records ?
In your informational packet, there are 4 retrieval cycles mentioned. Can you explain what exactly that means ?
For all 4 cycles in the package will YOU use the same Surrogate for all 4 or can we change the Surrogate, if we wish ?
Do you have Cryopreservation Facilities ?
Do you have Caucasian Donors ?
In terms of the legal representation for the surrogate, IP’s and the donor do we have to provide all of the legal representation ourselves or do you help assist in the process ?
Do you assist Clients with getting passports for the new born baby/exit visa ?
What forms of payment do you accept ?