Having repeated IVF failures, What’s the solution?

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Having repeated IVF failures, What's the solution? Q & A session by Dr. Samit Sekhar


Having repeated IVF failures, Doing another IVF cycle can work? Many people will undergo IVF treatment and they may not get succeeded in it. The answer for this question will be completely  based evidence based by understanding what are the reasons that previous IVF treatments have failed.

Here are some of the reasons why IVF treatment fail for:

  • Low AMH level:in case of Low Anti mullerian hormone(AMH) level it depends on how low the AMH levels are, if suppose the AMH levels are below 0.5 then the chance of conceiving with self eggs is very low. If this is the case then it is better to opt for donor oocytes.
  • Implantation failure: in this we need to check if the endometrium is growing properly. The endometrium has to be of good quality, in the first part of the menstrual cycle it must be having a triple line pattern and before starting the Progesterone for transfer ideally all the doctors need endometrium to be between the value 8 to 10 or 11 mm. After giving progesterone it needs to turn into secretry, by the time of transfer if the endometrium is between 10 to 12 mm, then it results in high chance of implantation and pregnancy
  • Medical factors: medical factors like Hypo thyroid, diabetes, Hyper tension
  • Drugs being used for the treatment:it is very much important to use hormonal medication which is of good quality, Recombinant FSH is the most advisable for women who are having issues like poor egg quality
  • Technique used: Usually all doctors prefer to do Intracytoplasmic sperm injection over regular IVF as it ensures fertilization and also the chance of implantation will be more

IVF treatment failures will also depend on the IVF laboratory, the person who is doing the IVF treatment. Along with all these things it is also important to have good phasing program in place since it is not good to do the embryo transfer in the same cycle. Now doctors usually prefer frozen embryo transfer to increase the chance of pregnancy and implantation.

There are many other factors why IVF treatment fail, once doctors have a look at the patients previous paper works, previous investigations then they will reach to proper conclusion and can advice the future course of action or treatments what needs to be done.

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