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Infertility Super-Specialty Clinic.Why egg donors or oocyte donors are needed for IVF and Surrogacy?

Egg donors are an essential part of Assisted Reproduction as about 30% of women suffer from infertility because of decreased or absent ovarian reserve. Some women may have a specific genetic condition such as cystic fibrosis or fragile x syndrome because of which they cannot have their genetically related babies.

Majority of the egg donors at KIC are through word of mouth and from information over the internet

Do you provide egg donors or do I have contact a third party egg donation agency?

KIC has a strong database of more than 300 Indian, Caucasian, Thai and African American egg donors. KIC does not work with third party agencies.

Is egg donation affordable? What are the costs involved if need an egg donor?

Yes, egg donation is affordable but fees for egg donors vary based on their education and other qualities.

Do you have Caucasian egg donors?

Yes, we have more than 150 Caucasian egg donors in our database.

Do you have Indian egg donors?angelique

Yes, we have more than 100 Indian egg donors in our database.

Do you have African egg donors?

Yes, we have African as well as African American egg donors as well.

Do you have Asian egg donors or Oriental egg donors or Thai egg donors?


How do I go about IVF with egg donation?

The female undergoing this kind of a treatment undergoes what is known as a Down regulated cycle and this is to match the patient’s cycle with the Donor cycle.

How do I go about Surrogacy with egg donation?

The process is similar to the IVF process with egg donation. The only difference is that the embryo is transferred into a surrogate mother instead.

What is the medical process involved in egg donation?

Controlled Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation (COH) to cause super-ovulation. For more information write to one of our Doctors at

What tests are done on egg donors?

The tests include:

Fertility testing by hormonal assays and ultrasound
  • STD testing
  • Routine and advanced pathology
  • Genetic and chromosomal testing
  • Psychological screening and testing

What are the success rates with egg donation?

Success rates vary from cycle to cycle based on the number and quality of embryos transferred, cumulative(3 cycles) pregnancy rates in IVF are 83% and surrogacy 94%

How can I be an egg donor?

You have to send in your profile and you may write to us at

How much do I get paid to be an egg donor?

The fees offered is confidential and may vary depending on your profile. You can write to us at

  • Volunteers
  • Relatives
  • Professional Donors

Donor Selection

  • Age less than 30 years
  • No Genetic/ chromosomal / Infectious history
  • Counseling and informed consent

Egg Donation Treatment

At KIC egg donation program is considered to assist a woman, who is unable to produce their own healthy eggs for pregnancy. Recipients of all ages are experiencing birth rate of approximately 40% per embryo transfer. Even more prominent, cumulative success rate exceed 90% when repetitive embryo transfers are performed.

Suggestions for egg donation:

  • Failure to achieve a possible pregnancy following repeated attempts at IVF or other Assisted Reproductive Technology.
  • Poor fertilization of eggs inspite of good quality sperm.
  • Absence of ovarian function due to preceding surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.
  • Premature ovarian failure.
  • The presence of inherent disorder that have high likelihood of being transferred via the women's eggs to the offspring.
  • Women over the age of 40
  • Unexplained failure of IVF consecutively.
  • Poor responders (less than 3 to 4 eggs)

Becoming an Egg Donor

Young, healthy women between ages of 21-32 years are eligible for egg donation program here at Kiran Infertility Center. We have few selection methods which are as follows.

  • The prospective donor should be in all-purpose good health
  • Should not have any major abnormality or genetic disorders.
  • Screening test for HIV, HbsAg, VDRL & hepatitis
  • A physical examination, endocrine profile, ultrasound examination or pelvis.
  • Medical screening for any physical or mental weaknesses.
  • A written consent form confirming the full understanding of the egg donation procedure.

We at Kiran infertility center provide an excellent facility for assisting infertile couple achieve their life's dream to having a baby. We are committed to providing the highest quality medical care in a sensitive and helpful environment.

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