This procedure primarily works for placing washed sperms within uterus with the help of a small catheter through cervix region. Our iui treatment centres in Bengaluru are designed to introduce this form of IUI procedure. This method is definitely introduced for quantity of semen into the uterus of female partner for encouraging fertilization. This procedure will only take place when woman is ovulating properly and the tubes remain unobstructed.

Recommendation of IUI process during such instances

  • Suffering from infertility of unknown base
  • Mild male factor
  • Cases revolving around endometriosis
  • Ovulation induction failure
  • Anti-sperm based antibodies
  • Factor revolving around cervical mucus

There are multiple variations involving this process. It deals with medication inclusion for reducing multiple follicles and releasing more than an egg for achieving fertilization. Fertility hormones are designed for producing more than an egg and monitoring during such periods is important to avoid any form of treatment based side effects. It helps in reducing risk of multiple pregnancies too.

IUI procedure in hyderabad

More on IUI

IUI is known to rely solely on natural sperm ability designed for fertilizing egg within reproductive tract. So, make infertility needs to be tested for indicating proper functions of sperms. The iui treatment centres in Bengaluru offers the best IUI treatment, which is useful during those instances when the male partner produces immune reactivity to his sperms. It is termed as anti-sperm antibodies, which means that the sperm fails to penetrate a woman’s cervical mucus. So, it fails to reach the egg and fertilize it. Through the IUI technique, the prepared sperms will pass beyond cervix right into the uterus and it helps in overcoming some of the major problems, relating to anti-sperm antibody based issues. Success rates of the IUI remains within 10 to 15% per cycle. Within a year, it can reach to 50%. Most of the time, around 3 to 4 cycles are tried for the recommended methods.

The IUI procedure

It is mandatory that you catch up with our iui treatment centres in Bengaluru to learn more about the treatments.

  • On the 3rd day of cycle, transvaginal scan takes place. After that, medication is given to patients for about a week.
  • On the 10th or 11th day, transvaginal scan again takes place for monitoring the growth of follicle. When these follicles reach the perfect size, HCG injections take place.
  • Around 40 hours later, IUI procedure takes place. Later, the partner is called for the semen sample collection. For that, they need to take our appointment.
  • The current IUI process is likely to be prepared in Pap Smear Test. Later the patient is asked to avoid moving for around initial 20 minutes minimum.