IUI treatment
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Important Facts About Intrauterine Insemination (IUI )

The concept of ivf or ‘test tube’ baby has been discussed widely with many couples being knowledgeable about the process. However, it would certainly help the couples to learn about ‘intrauterine insemination’ known by its acronym IUI. IUI treatment also happens to be a form of assisted reproductive technique that has helped numerous couples embrace the joys of parenthood without needless pain and suffering.

You certainly need to visit a reputable fertility clinic first so that the medical professional in charge gets a chance to check you thoroughly and make the right diagnosis. You would be sure to get to know about several procedures that are apt for you. IUI treatment is certainly one of them as it is regarded to be much less expensive procedure and certainly less invasive.

Your doctor would definitely suggest it if you have been trying hard to conceive without success for more than a year or so. While the experts at the clinic would be appraising you about the process and explain the do’s and don’ts perfectly, you would find it advantageous to learn about it in advance. This will enable you to prepare for it without any apprehensions.

Here are a few points that you need to know before making an informed decision:-

What Is IUI treatment?

This procedure may be referred to as “artificial insemination” although it is not exactly so. In fact, you will have the experienced fertility experts wash and prepare the semen meticulously first. It would then be introduced slowly within the reproductive tract of the female partner. The right location would be determined by the concerned gynecologist though with the washed sperms being deposited directly into the uterus by means of a catheter. It is definitely a type of artificial insemination but not all artificial insemination procedures can be labelled as an IUI. On the contrary, the fertility pros may find it easier to introduce both prepared and unprepared sperms into the tract leading to the uterus. One would thus find the sperms deposited inside the uterus. All of the mentioned methods end in successful conception,however.

When is IUI the best choice?
  • Male Infertility- If your partner is unable to produce an adequate number of sperms or his sperms lack the required motility then IUI treatment is certainly the best option for you. The skilled doctors are well versed in seeking out the healthiest sperms from a sample and will have them introduced into your uterus for fertilization to take place.
  • Unfriendly Cervical Mucus- Having the right quality of cervical mucus is essential for the sperm to swim up to the uterus and thence into the fallopian tube for fertilizing the egg. The process gets hindered when there is reduced quantity of the mucus or a hostile one that kills of the sperms. A mild hostility can be controlled with fertility drugs and hormonal injections but a severe case may require more drastic measures namely artificial insemination in the form of IUI.
  • Unexplained Infertility- Doctors may be perplexed on finding no incongruity or problem with either the male or female partner, both of whom appear to be healthy. The fertility professionals are likely to put the couple on fertility drugs and advocate lifestyle changes. Many young couples have been known to conceive by losing weight and leading an active life while quitting smoking and alcohol. Do not despair when this does not work though. You may achieve your goal by opting for 3 to 6 cycles of IUI treatment when on fertility drugs.
  • Sperm Donation- When the male partner is unable to produce healthy sperms, all is not lost either. There are provisions for using a donor in order to get the right quality sperms necessary for impregnation. There is no cause for being embarrassed either as you will not come face to face with the donor ever. The doctors will ensure that the sample remains healthy and prepared fully before it is inserted into your uterus. You are free to lead a normal life afterwards with the chances f conception being increased greatly.
  • Painful Sex- Many women have been known to feel pain during sexual intercourse and avoid it altogether. This gives rise to misunderstanding between the partners with the chances of getting pregnant becoming impossible. There are a number of causes for the pain and consulting a gynaecologist may help to overcome it eventually. Unfortunately, you would be reluctant to wait for years after being treated fully due to advanced years. IUI can come as a blessing here with the conception of a child being greatly responsible for normalization of ties between the married partners.
Will IUI Work For You?

It is important to provide all information to your doctor so that a detailed history of infertility is made.The fertility expert will be able to suggest an IUI or IVF depending on the diagnosis. You may have to undergo several blood tests during the process too with your partner being willing to have a semen analysis along with the blood tests. The results will indicate whether you are a good candidate for IUI or not and your doctor would be the first person to let you know of the impending procedure.

You would also have to meet the criteria below for a successful insemination to take place:-

  • Proper ovulation
  • No blockages in the fallopian tubes
  • Uterine cavity is normal with no indication of cysts, tumors, fibroids or adhesion

Your partner, on the other hand, will only have to be capable of producing healthy sperms when everything is considered to be normal, your doctor will proceed with IUI and you will have to go through the following steps:-

  • Treatment with fertility drugs
  • Monitoring of the ovaries
  • Hormonal injection to trigger ovulation
  • Preparation of the sperms within the sample received
  • Introduction of sperms into the uterus. The patients cannot be compared while undergoing the process though.

Each one has a unique experience but the outcome is definitely pleasant with couples being blessed with a baby after a normal pregnancy post IUI.


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