Loose Weight and improve your chances of having a baby Obesity immediately brings to mind associations with hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. Yet, most people are surprised to learn that there is an association between obesity and infertility. Epidemiological data confirm that obesity accounts for 6% of primary infertility.

Mechanisms For Alteration Of Reproductive Function

What is the relationship between body weight and infertility? Sex steroid hormones—testosterone (the principal male hormone) and estradiol (the principal female hormone)—are lipid soluble, i.e.; they dissolve in fat but not in water. Thus, these hormones accumulate in body fat. Once body fat stores are saturated with sex steroid hormones, they reach equilibrium with blood. In addition to the stored source of sex steroid hormones in body fat, the gonads secrete testosterone and estradiol to maintain the levels necessary to sustain reproductive function.

In addition to the storage capacity of body fat for sex steroid hormones, adipose cells (fat cells) convert the weak male hormone, androstenedione, to the weak female hormone, estrone. Estrone, though not as potent as estradiol, has metabolic effects on the hypothalamic-pituitary axis of the brain (the area of the brain that regulates testicular and ovarian function) to alter reproductive function. These complex interactions have the net effect of impairing reproductive function in both male and female. These effects of body weight on female reproductive function are well established.

More than 70% of women who are infertile as the result of body weight disorders will conceive spontaneously if their weight disorder is corrected through a weight-gaining or weight-reduction diet as appropriate. Yet, body weight is often considered last in an infertility evaluation. It may be ignored entirely until other diagnostic studies and therapeutic interventions have proven normal or futile. In our opinion, the body weight of both partners of the infertile couple should be considered first when there is an obvious slender or obese body habitus in either partner. Also, awareness of the importance of body weight on reproduction enables couples to maintain appropriate body weight or to correct a body weight disorder before subjecting themselves to expensive, time consuming infertility evaluation and treatment.

Research has shown the link between weight gain and increased incidence of Infertility. For every 5% decrease in weight the chance of getting pregnant increases by 5% by improving Fertility parameters in both Men and Women Struggle with weight loss is well known, Folks try Diet, Exercise etc but still they struggle with loosing weight and even surgery

In such a scenario for the first time in India a major breakthrough in immediate non surgical fat and inch loss known as LIPO CONTRAST is now available in Bengaluru.

How does Lipo Contrast work?

The Fat tissue is positioned into a special transducer and subjected to a triple thermal shock according to very precise time,speed,temperatures and energy rates and piloted automatically through several softwares,this new non invasive technology subjects the fat cells to thermal conditioning to help reduce localized stubborn fatty areas.

The Effect- some fat cells are disabled during the session while others will be eliminated in 2 to 3 weeks Graph- Approx-33% results imporovement compared with normal cryoliplysis The consequence Efficiency- after only 1 session,more than 30% of the treated fat tissue can be eliminated Rapid- approx. 80% of the final result available in 3 weeks Sessions- According to the Adipose tissue(Fat) Thickness and to the expected result,1 to 3 sessions will be necessary with an Approximate interval of 4 weeks between each session

Indications- lipo Contrast is indicated for local fat reduction on different areas like Abdomen, Thighs, Arms, Chin, Back,Waist etc through different sized applicators Diagrams Advantages- the new lipocontrast procedure -also called thermal contrast lipolysis results in a faster and better fat tissue reduction compared with normal cryolysis procedure increased effectiveness on fibrous fat avoids traumatic experience of invasive methods such as Liposuction prevents contiguous tissue damade that can occur with other technologies as radiofrequency,ultrasound or lasers