Surrogate And Egg Donor

Surrogate: Surrogate is a woman who bears a child on behalf of another woman, either from her own egg fertilized by the other woman’s partner or from the implantation in her uterus of a fertilized egg from the other woman.

Egg Donor: An Egg Donor can be the woman who is unable to bear a child due to some medical condition, but otherwise able to produce healthy egg which can be fertilized in vitro and then transferred to a surrogate mother to carry the pregnancy forward.


Here are the procedures we follow in preparing you/surrogate for the parenting journey :

Controlled ovarian Follicular Stimulation and Monitoring the Egg Provider (Egg Donor/ Genetic Mother)

This procedure is used to stimulate the Egg Provider (egg donor/ Female Partner of the infertile couple), here Hormonal Injections are given to the Egg Provider to stimulate her ovaries to produce multiple follicles. Progress of this is monitored through Ultra Sound guided Scans at regular intervals.

Tests and Processes involved in Sperm Extraction- Sperm Provider (Genetic Father/ Sperm Donor)

Blood tests (as appropriate) for sexually transmitted diseases and all communicable diseases are carried out on a Sperm Donor. His sperm is tested as per WHO Methodology for various parameters like Physical Appearance, Chemical Appearance, Motility, and Morphology.

In case of Oligospermia & Azoospermia Testicular Biopsy and procedures such as TESA & MESA are carried out.

Synchronizing the Cycles of Surrogate and Egg donor

This is important to ensure Fresh Embryo Transfer; here Cycles of Surrogate and Egg Provider (Egg Donor/ Genetic Mother) are synchronized to prepare endometrium of the Surrogate mothers to receive Fresh Embryos created by using Sperm and Oocytes from Egg Provider.

Building the Surrogate's Uterine Lining with Hormonal Injections

The surrogate will receive estrogen orally, by skin patches, or by injections, and then progesterone to help prepare her uterine lining for implantation

Egg Retrieval, Fertilization and Embryo Transfer

The egg provider undergoes trans vaginal ultrasound-guided egg retrieval during the period between day-11 to day-14 of stimulation or when follicles reach 17 mm size.

Egg fertilization is done on the same day of retrieval by fusing the Sperm and Egg, and embryo culture process is carried out for approximately 72-120 hours following egg retrieval.

Embryos are transferred to the surrogate’s uterus on day-2, day-3 or day-5 (Blastocyst). Surrogate Mother then is shifted to post-operative unit for rest.

Management and Follow-up of surrogate mother after the Embryo Transfer

Progesterone is given to Surrogate Mother and pregnancy test is carried out on the 12th Day of Embryo Transfer and updates are provided to Intended Parents in a time interval ranging from a week to 10 days with a special emphasis for checking for chromosomal and other structural defects in the growing fetus.

In the due course of pregnancy Surrogate Mothers are monitored on a daily basis by the medical team, they are monitored on a weekly basis by a obstetrician to ensure that the safety and growth in Pregnancy and appropriate steps are taken for safety and wellbeing of the Surrogate Mother and Fetus.

Surrogate Mothers are also monitored by a nutritionist on a fortnightly basis where her Diet is planned accordingly with the nutritional requirements of each Surrogate Mother based on the trimester of pregnancy.

During the course of pregnancy we ensure that the Surrogate Mothers are well taken care and provided with a homely and hygienic environment.